Climate Processes Research Group

Large-scale dynamics, modeling, cycles of water and carbon, stable isotopes


Congratulations Dr. Derek Brown. Derek finished his doctorate with a thesis entitled "Characteristics of Atmospheric Humidity Derived From Reanalyses and Stable Isotopic Measurements From Space" Bailey et al., publish a paper that reveals changes in the inversion frequency and strength in recent decades over US cities in the west. Successful installation of isotopic analysers and meteorological instruments at Summit! Web cam view of the camp from the 50 meter tower. See us at the 2010 AGU Fall meeting.

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Adriana Bailey wins AMS Urban Symposium best Student award for here paper on inversions over the western US.

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Congratulations to Dr. Nik Buenning. Nik finished his doctorate and his thesis entitled, "The impact of hydrological and climatic variations on the oxygen-18 content of atmospheric CO2"

Welcome from David Noone

Our research seeks to better understand large-scale climate variability and change, and specifically the role played by atmospheric circulation and water. Because water is such an important part of the climate system (linked to clouds and radiative budgets, surface water resources, heat exchange, and the function of the terrestrial biosphere), understanding the controls on the movement of water and its role in helping determine the climate state is of clear importance.

A novel aspect of our research is the use of stable water isotopes. Because of the integrative nature of water and its stable isotopes, this work is inherently interdisciplinary and has led me to work with colleagues in a wide range of fields including paleoclimatology, biogeochemistry, glaciology, atmospheric chemistry, plant physiology and ecology, and more traditional atmospheric sciences. Or work includes using advanced computer models of the atmosphere and climate system, satellite remote sensing, field measurements and laboratory experiments.


Featured Dataset:

Weather at the CGPRG lab in Boulder

Right now at Summit Camp, Greenland