Climate Processes Research Group

Large-scale dynamics, modeling, cycles of water and carbon, stable isotopes

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Group leader

David Noone, Associate Professor

Atmospheric and climate research, large-scale dynamics of the atmosphere, water and carbon cycle, isotope geophysics.
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Michael O'Neill, Laboritory Coordinator

Max Berkelhammer, Postdoctoral Research Associate
Tropical water cycles, paleoclimate, isotopic exchanges in ecosystems.

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Sally Langford Postdoctoral Research Associate (late 2011)

Camille Risi, Postdoctoral Research Associate
Modeling the isotopic composition of water vapor and precipitation , cloud processes, land-atmosphere interactions

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Hans Christian Steen-Larsen, CIRES Postdoctoral Visiting Fellow


Adriana Bailey, National Science Foundation Graduate Fellow
Dynamic and microphysical processes controlling the dryness of the subtropical Pacific in the Northern Hemisphere.

Derek Brown, Department of Energy Graduate Fellow
Understanding the impact of land use change on the global relative humidity budget through stable isotopes of water

Scott Gregrory, Graduate Research Assistant
(CIRES Graduate fellow 2006/2007)
Tropical/high-latitude climate linkages with ENSO signals in Antarctic ice cores and models.

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Aleya Kauchik, Graduate Research Assistant
Land-atmosphere exhcnage, surface energy, water and isotope balance


Jesse Nusbaumer, National Science Foundation Graduate Fellow
Moist tropical plumes, modeling large-scale dynamical processes, atmospheric rivers and precipitation processes.

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John Wong, Graduate Research Assistant
Convective transport dynamics, trace gas chemistry and regional chemical weather modeling

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Tony Wong, Graduate Research Assistant
Land surface modeling, parameter estimate, data assimilation

Research assistants

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Eric.Browndymkoski, Research Assistant

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Nicholas Masson, Research Assistant


Prof. Christopher Still, Visiting Fellow

Affiliate Members and Collaborators

Dr. John Worden, NASA JPL
Dr. Kevin Bowman, NASA JPL
Dr. Naoyuki Kurita, JAMSTEC/IAEA
Dr. Mary Barth, NCAR
Dr. Gavin Schmidt
Dr. Julien Emile-Geay
Dr. Alex Pavlov, NASA GSFC
Ms. Eveline Speelman, University Utrect

Past members

Dr. David Schneider. Now at National Center for Atmospheric Research.
Dr. Nik Buenning (PhD 2010). Now at University of Southern California
Dr. Vivienne Payne. Now at AER