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Large-scale dynamics, modeling, cycles of water and carbon, stable isotopes

Closing the water isotope budget in Greenland

Global network for isotopes in water vapor

Cooperative network for water isotopes in vapor

Energy and water budgets in Colorado


HAwaii VApour Isotope Knowledge Intercomparison

HAVAIKI is a field experiment to make measurements of water vapor isotopologues at the NOAA observatory at Mauna Loa, Hawaii. The observations span about three weeks in October 2008, and use three different laser-based sensors and two different satellites, which will be validated against traditional mass spectrometry techniques applied to samples collected on site using vacuum flasks and cryogenic trapping. The goal of this study is to compare the different measurement techniques (traditional mass spectrometry, commercially available ground-based spectroscopic water vapor analyzers, and satellite-based spectroscopy) in order to assess the fidelity of these new measurement technologies and to provide new data on the processes that control the humidity of the subtropical Pacific.

More details, see the HAVAIKI website.


Stable Water Isotope Intercomparison Group

MUGCM DELO The general purpose of the SWING project is an international intercomparison of current state-of-the-art water isotope general circulation models and related observational isotope data.

For more than four decades the isotopic composition of water stored in various archives (e.g. ice cores, ground water) has been used to study changes in the hydrological cycle on timescales from glacial-interglacial to short term variations. Such changes of the hydrological cycle play a crucial role forcing both past and future variability of the Earth's climate system. However, the interpretation of isotopic variations in terms of climate change is often handicapped by an lack of other relevant observational climate parameters (e.g. temperature, relative humidity, precipitation) both in space and time.

The SWING web site and database.